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Dear Players and Parents,

Thank you for your interest in the North Shore Blizzard AAU program!

Our goal is to build an elite AAU program that will be competitive at every age level. It is our desire to have balanced rosters with 10-12 players capable of challenging each other at practice and playing in tournaments both at the state and national level. Once the foundation is established, the wins will take care of themselves. As players get older we will be committed to helping them gain exposure to college coaches. We have the knowledge and experience to help with all aspects of the recruiting process and are dedicated to helping our players achieve their goals. 

Making the commitment to play AAU requires consistency, structure, communication and organization. Many of our coaches have played college basketball and have years of coaching experience. Every member of the Blizzard coaching staff possesses the skills and knowledge necessary to help you fulfill your potential.


Jim Burfoot & Kevin Barboza
Owners & Directors

North Shore Blizzard